Ten Phrases and Faux Pas to Avoid in Email

We live in a digital world, and sometimes email etiquette can be tricky to navigate. Here are our top 10 phrases and faux pas that should definitely be avoided in emails.

1. How are you?
While pleasantries are all well and good, this is unnecessary. It forces your recipient to answer, or look rude if not.

2. Closed questions
‘Can you help?’ ‘Would you like to be involved?’
Each of these can lead to a ‘No’, and rejection is something we all like to avoid. So instead use open-ended questions such as ‘In what way would you like to be involved’ to try and achieve your aims.

3. ‘Very warm regards’
These sort of sign-offs look insincere at best and patronising at worst. Avoid them.

4. Keep it short and sweet
You and your recipient may be good contacts, but avoid long rambling sentences. Brevity and clarity are key.

5. ‘Is that clear?
Is it? If you think it isn’t, change it. If you think it is, be confident.

6.“Hopefully” “Actually” “Literally”
These words weaken the strength of your message. Learn to cut them out.

7. “Sorry”
If you need to apologise consider using the phone instead. If you apologise via email do so at the beginning of the email. Repeating it throughout will set a negative tone and reinforce to your contact that you’ve made a mistake.

8. “LOL’
David Cameron didn’t understand ‘LOL’ and a business email is no place for a jokey acronym. Save the OMG’s and the WTFs for your BFF’s.

9. 🙂
If you’re considering either Emoji’s, or the now antiquated Emoticons, as part of your message or sign-off, consider what you’d think of a serious business contact who sent you a smiling poo or a rainbow unicorn. Point made

10. ‘Needless to say’
This phrase is just that. For example,
‘I’ve forwarded the document to Jack. Needless to say I’ve Cc’d Jill’
It acts as unnecessary fluff that you should cut out of your writing.

If you are worried about an email, try phoning instead. A live conversation allows you to pick up on the nuances in a way no email can ever achieve.

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