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Welcome to 2017!  As the long grey month of January stretches ahead, many of us here in the UK feel the need to reach for something comforting.

Even if you’re not entirely sure what Hygge is, the chances are that you’ve seen the word in the title of books and articles and being used to market and sell an ever-growing range of goods and services, from food and drink to furniture and clothing. It’s an approach to life which originated in Denmark, it’s pronounced hue-gah, and it translates as … and that’s where things get slightly more complicated.

In simple terms, Hygge, a word for which there is no direct English equivalent, is usually translated as ‘cosiness’, but it’s probably more accurately described as being fairly closely related to the idea of mindfulness. Hygge means taking the time to enjoy the simple, every day pleasures of life, transforming the seemingly ordinary into something special, even if only through the act of stepping back and savouring the moment. Whether that means making yourself a delicious, freshly brewed tea or coffee, lighting a few candles whilst you take a long soak in the bath or just spending time with friends and family depends on what it takes to raise your spirits and ease you out of the clamour and stress of modern life for a while.


Hygge means consciously treating yourself and being fully aware of just how good it feels to do so. It’s more than simply a fad, as it can be adopted as an overall approach to business or even life. If you’re involved in the hospitality industry, treating your guests to some Hygge is little short of a guarantee that you’re providing a memorable and enjoyable experience.  While introducing it into your own life will see 2017 packed with the kind of moments that you’ll remember fondly, no matter what else is happening in the world.

Reach out for a comforting break at one of our cosy UK city centre hotels.

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