How to Show Your Appreciation at Work with Splendid Hospitality

Sharing is caring, so let your thanks be unsparing.

To mark the upcoming National Employee Appreciation Day on March 3rd, here are some how’s and why’s of showing that magic word – appreciation – at work.

What Goes Around…
Those who are helped are not only more inclined to help and prioritise you, but others in your workplace. The more often these gestures occur the more productive and supportive a workplace will become.

Sweet Treat’s Feed Friendship
Now, there’re usually communal baked-goods floating around the office, but when was the last time you received, or gave, some home baked heaven? Small tokens and gifts, as thanks for specific actions, help reinforce a positive attitude towards problem solving.


People Not Numbers
It’s easy to see every interaction at work as an economic one, especially within larger companies. Too often you can start to see yourself, and colleagues, as little more than a job description. So break the cycle. Compliments cost nothing, but they make all the difference.

Monday Morning Meetings
What better time to show your appreciation for a co-worker than at a Monday meeting in front of your peers.  They are valued to you, let others know of their willingness to help, and create a cycle of support in your workplace.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

–Dalai Lama


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