Five Ways to a Winning AGM

Are you in charge of planning your company’s next Annual General Meeting – The AGM?

Whilst the meeting is a formal process, the event itself should be as relaxed and friendly as possible.

A well-chosen venue is the key to a winning AGM. So, before you arrange a viewing to make sure it attends to all your needs, create a checklist of essential features for your event. Here are some top tips to get your next big event running smoothly:

1 Right size and atmosphere. Obviously the venue has to have the necessary capacity – both for sitting in theatre style and break-outs for refreshments. Also the price must be right – watch out for hidden extras. But just as vital is the atmosphere, style and image and whether the venue reflects the brand image of your organisation.

2 What catering options are available? Will the food and drink be served by friendly staff and comfortable surroundings and can the venue cope with vegetarian, vegan or other special dietary requirements? Is a cash bar available or required? How frequently will refreshments be required?

3 Accessibility. How easy is it to get to the venue – on foot, by car, or by public transport? Is parking available? Are the disabled facilities suitable – consider signage, stairs, general facilities. Accessibility is key, no one wants to travel for miles to get to the nearest tube. Share location details early on.

4 Technology.  Being heard and being connected is vital at an AGM. Does your venue offer adequate Wi-Fi provision and the state of the art technology that is required by your presenters? consider microphones (fixed and roving), acoustics, speakers, projection facilities.  Also consider what support is available on the day to deal with any glitches.

5 Administration. What help will be provided? Are you using electronic voting methods, or printed papers? And how can the venue help? The venue should provide signage for the event and help with the marshalling of people too. If you are choosing a large venue, remember, it’s easy to lose delegates!


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