The Finishing Line

Seb Waring, Hotel Manager at Holiday Inn Northampton West shares his thoughts as the £2m refurbishment comes to a close:

“It has been a long time coming, but I am glad to say that the refurbishment is finally nearing completion. It has been a rollercoaster ride and everybody involved is glad that we are at the end!

People keep asking me what my favourite part of the refurbishment has been. It is such a difficult question to answer and my response has changed as we have progressed through the project. At the beginning, there was a great feeling of joy and excitement when things started being ripped out of the old rooms, and the old bar and lounge. Then a few weeks in, once the destruction had finished, it was great to see all the new things going in. The arrival of the new furniture has to be the most exciting part of the first phase. This was one of the few aspects of the project that nobody had seen until they were delivered.  Curiously unpacking the furniture was not the easiest of tasks but we managed to do it in time.

Focusing on the exciting parts helps to distract from the inevitable stress. People always say that moving house and getting married are the two most stressful life experiences. These people have obviously not done a hotel refurbishment!”


“Despite the stress, this refurbishment was worth the long days, sleepless nights and the constant thoughts about work for 18 weeks!

The hotel team have been amazing throughout.  I have been so impressed by their positive attitude to all the little niggles and problems.  They have still been the bright, helpful and friendly bunch of people that I have come to know, despite all the work being carried out.

Then we come to the huge team of everybody else on site that have worked to bring the project to life.  The suppliers, the contractors, the specialists from Splendid Hospitality and IHG.  Throughout the whole project everybody has been so helpful; not only with the project but also helping us out with things that crop up as we carry on selling the hotel as normal.

We are due to finish in a few days and my whole team is really excited to start moving forward with this all-new, amazing Holiday Inn London Northampton West.”


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